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The next generation of orthotics

With MOWA you will meet the next generation of orthotics. The orthosis itself has a modular design and allows up to four forms of attachment (front, back, inside, outside). The range of adjustment options is unparalleled. Even after delivery, you can change the settings of the orthosis at any time if necessary. With MOWA, you can also fit any age group - from infants to adults.
Optimised measurement
Another advantage for you: We have optimized the surveying procedure. You no longer need to take a plaster cast, but can work with the latest digital technology. With the so-called Gait Analysis Tool you record the movement parameters. The procedure is relaxed and pleasant for you and your patient. The technology-based measuring procedure ensures that the MOWA orthosis fits perfectly. Thanks to the digital process chain, the orthosis is well documented and can be reproduced at any time. In the future, the MOWA orthosis will even be smart, because it can be combined with sensor and app. This will allow you to perfectly accompany your patient's mobility and the execution of his or her medically prescribed therapy programs.
Digital production
You store the measurement and movement data of your patient in their profile on our
cloud-based supply portal, the heart of the MOWA system. Here the orthosis is digitally configured by an algorithm. The principle here is: as much as necessary and as little as possible. In this way, your patient is optimally challenged.
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