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With MOWA you can offer your patients the best and most comfortable orthoses. They help people with paralysis and spasms of the lower extremities or with muscular imbalances to achieve a more natural movement pattern. Light as a feather and comfortable to wear, they ensure a high level of therapy compliance. Thanks to their four attachment options (front, back, inside, outside), they can be used for almost every type of illness - and for every age group. A particular advantage of MOWA is its modular design. This allows the orthoses to be adapted to the current and individual gait pattern of the patient at any time.
From toddler to adult
With MOWA, children and young people can be optimally treated for malfunctions of the musculoskeletal system, for example infantile cerebral palsy and spina bifida. Adults can be helped after a stroke, after borreliosis, after tumours, after craniocerebral trauma, after forefoot amputations or multiple sclerosis. Patients with multiple sclerosis can thus maintain their independence as long as possible. Thanks to MOWA, the other patients should be able to return to their everyday lives as quickly as possible.
MOWA is a supply concept
The MOWA orthosis is embedded in a system whose core is a cloud-based supply platform. The orthosis is digitally configured and can be individually tailored to each patient thanks to sensor technology and 3D scanning. In this way, a high level of wearing comfort can be achieved. Using an algorithm developed especially for MOWA, we follow the principle: as much as necessary and as little as possible. Your patients are thus optimally challenged.
Interdisciplinary cooperation
All relevant data is stored on the MOWA platform. You can view this data at any time and exchange information with all other parties involved, such as MOWA technicians and patients. This creates an interdisciplinary cooperation for optimal therapy. In the future, the orthosis will be equipped with sensors and App smart. This will enable you to monitor the execution of your prescribed therapy programs or the daily range of motion of each patient.
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