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The MOWA system

My orthosys

Step by step to a better quality of life

With MOWA, you as a patient enjoy the best possible aid therapy currently available.
And this is how you get your MOWA orthosis:
At the doctors
Your doctor or therapist will examine you and recommend an orthosis if medically necessary. With this recommendation, he will refer you to an authorised MOWA supply centre.
At the MOWA technician
The technician takes your data and goes through your medical history. He saves the information in your patient profile in the cloud based MOWA platform. Using the Gait Analysis Tool, he records your movement, e.g. your gait. For the exact mass of your impaired body part, he carries out a digital recording. For you and the technician, these operations are more relaxed, more comfortable and less time-consuming than, for example, a plaster cast. The algorithm on the MOWA platform then configures your orthosis from all the measured values. Its parameters are also stored in your profile. Based on this, your technician will prepare a cost estimate. If required, he will be happy to assist you in clarifying the costs. Once the costs have been approved, your MOWA orthosis is manufactured in a digital process using the latest technologies.
My orthosis
Once the carbon and 3D printed parts have been manufactured, the orthotist assembles the orthosis. He checks the fit and your movement pattern with the Gait Analysis Tool. The flexible system is also new in this process. Thanks to a variable fixation, the technician can quickly and easily modify the orthosis and test different types of systems. In this way, he can find the optimal combination together with you if necessary. He will then hand over the orthosis to you with instructions on its use, maintenance and care. The Gait Analysis Tool is also used for regular follow-up checks. If the technician finds discrepancies between current data and data in the patient profile, the orthosis is reconfigured. In this way, individual parts are replaced or the entire orthosis is replaced as required. Advantage: Your MOWA orthosis fits perfectly at all times and guarantees long-term therapy compliance.


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