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Pioneering technologies for orthopedic technology

Technical progress and digitalization can significantly improve efficiency and effectiveness in orthopedic technology and reduce existing overuse, underuse and misuse.

With new technologies and further developments in health care, MOWA succeeds in saving costs, overcoming supply bottlenecks and strengthening the autonomy and participation of patients.

To this end, we integrate the following technologies into the MOWA supply concepts and are constantly developing them further.
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
The MOWA-Gait-Analysis-Tool and the MOWA-Smart-Sensors detect the specific movement of the user. Our self-developed AI analyses and evaluates this data.
By clustering disease and movement data, we recognize connections and dependencies. These flow into our algorithms and enable increasingly accurate predictions.
Virtual patient care
MOWA products are created in a simulation process. This allows patients to be treated faster and better than with the conventional trial-and-error principle.
3D printing
Thanks to 3D printing, even complex components can be adapted exactly to the patient's individual anatomy and are therefore reproducible at any time.
Industry 4.0
The entire MOWA value-added chain is intelligently and digitally networked.
Internet of Things (IoT)
Virtual and physical MOWA units are networked and can thus communicate with each other. Users or suppliers can also interact with the MOWA system via the app as an interface.
MOWA becomes smart with state-of-the-art motion sensors. Therapy programmes or the daily range of exercise can be accompanied and thus better support the therapy.


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